PRECOG Desktop Application Install


PREOCG Desktop is a stand-alone windows program designed to extract quantitative growth traits from growth-data and present them usefully, in a matter that allows the user to interact, explore, and validate the experimental data, to further facilitate the discovery of knowledge.

To this end, we worked towards creating a responsive, graphically rich user interface to sit on top of our data processing engine.


To install PRECOG you need a the following:

PC with the windows operating system
The program requires, as a minimum, Windows XP or higher to work, although we recommend Windows 7 or higher.
Microsoft Dot Net Framework
Microsoft Dot Net Framework. PRECOG was implemented targeting the .NET 4.5 Framework. You are required to have this version of the framework or higher. The should detect its presence prompt you for its install it for you if absent. You can also download it here

If you fulfil the requirements you only need to go to the installation page and click the install button. The application will be installed into your desktop in a few moment.


  • Supports import of Legacy Bioscreen format (xl~) and CSV Export format.
  • Open one or multiple experiments (Bioscreen runs) at once.
  • Multiple Experiment views:
    • Detail View: The system displays for each well the phenotypic variables Lag, Rate and Yield
    • Graph View: The system displays a thumbnail of the growth data for each well
      • Allows showing the raw data together with the processed data for each well.
      • Allows showing the first derivate of the growth data
    • Detail Graph View:  The system displays thumbnails and phenotypic variables for each well
      • Allows showing the raw data together with the processed data for each well.
      • Allows showing the first derivate of the growth data
  • Full sorting support for all views for all fields:  The user will be able sort for example the graph view by showing the curves with the longest lag phase first
  • Sample detailed view: Double-click on a well to get a full display of its growth data to view
    • Graph manipulation:
      • Zoom In and out
      • Pan
      • Log OD Axis
    • Select /unselect data display
      • Raw
      • Metadata (values used to calculate phenotypic variables for this culture)
    • Track panel: See in real-time the values for each data point under your mouse for all the displayed curves.
    • Display of the phenotypic values
    • Fit data: Use neural network fitting to create a new process curve
    • Experiment browsing: Within the same zoom window browse to the next of previous wells
    • Copy support
      • Copy the graph image
      • Copy the graph data
  • Tab display
    • All the data is shown in a tab display allowing you to keep multiple displays open and jump between them.
  • Support to zoom-in for multiple wells simultaneously
  • Support for marking faulty wells in all views
  • Neural network fitting configuration panel
  • Replicate configuration
    • Second plate replicate
    • Custom pattern
    • Reference well setup
  • Batch save
    • Phenotypic variables
    • Growth data

Bellow you can see some of the features that PRECOG offers.

Source code

You can find the desktop aplication source code in github: