We developed PRECOG as a standardised and flexible tool for the characterization (quantitative traits) and visualization of high-throughput microbial growth curves.

The tool is designed to extract quantitative growth traits from growth-data and present them usefully, in a matter that allows the user to interact, explore, and validate the experimental data, to further facilitate the discovery of knowledge.

Use PRECOG to perform the follwing tasks.

  • Process growth-data files; BioScreen C or generic formats
    • Correct and calibrate OD measuremnts to find the true OD
    • Remove noise in the form of data spikes
    • Smoothen data to further remove/attenuate noise
  • Calculates three phenotypic variables
    • Lag
    • Generation time
    • Yield
  • Explore, interact, and validate your data with a user interface Not avilable for API
  • Export your data data

PRECOG is made avilable in three differnt platforms to facilitate its access.